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I had that seriously AWESOME chance to go to the danish gala screening of httyd 2 just a few days ago and I only have Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox to thank for that experience! I was given a few free tickets to the gala, promising that we'd all show up in costumes. The entire thing was SO cool! The entire Imperial cinema was covered up in decorations and the staff had viking-like clothes on. Someone even brought some sheep along xD Not to mention this huuuuge mountain of free food for everyone and games for the kids. We ran around and had our pictures taken with some kids, where I even "kidnapped" one for fun to make her smile, as she was a little shy and didn't know what to think of Astrid and Hiccup suddenly just standing there and talking to her. I later learned that said girl was one of the celebrities who was attendings kid. And her parents took a lot of photos of us. Nothing's wrong with that at all, it just feels so weird because it's usually the other way around. I spotted the voice actor for the danish Hiccup and asked him if I could take a photo to show my mom that we did indeed hang out with cool people. He said yes and even asked if we should get a photo together. Really nice guy, I can tell you that! My sister, dressed as a tiny Toothless, wasn't happy with getting photos taken, so I kinda shielded her a little, but did get some of her myself. Some photographers from the danish Donald Duck comic came over and asked if they could take some photos of us too for their webpage. That was so awesome! Yhey did manage to get a photo of my sister and her friend, whom I had been allowed to bring aswell so Im looking forward to seeing those! at least she then has a really cool thing to show her friends back in her class even though she was a little freaked out by the amount of cameras and celebrities she had seen on tv. One of the people she's a fan of was there too and I talked quite casually with him while she never even noticed before he left us xD she then freaked out a little and tried to spot him before the movie. 

All in all, it was such a huge experience and something I have dreamed of getting to do since I got into cosplaying. It didn't let me down at all! They also gave me a chance to spend a day with my sister, watching one of our favorite Dreamworks movies the fun way before I move out next month. She is really upset with this, so I've tried to cheer her up with some cool sister-trips. Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox totally helped me out with that and I really appreciate the help, you guys! I'd be glad to help you out with something too, to repay you if you need it :D  

Here's a few photos, spoiler free of course, of our day…
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Hello and welcome! My name is Jill, but I mostly gets called Hiccup. I was named after my medical and physical condition and it has nothing to do with my obsession with HTTYD. It's just a funny little coincidence :) Im a cosplayer and currently trying to find a zoo where I can continue my studies as a zookeeper.

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